Shifting the Paradigm to Enable Durable and Effective Cell & Gene Therapies


Vertical NanoStraw growth seen through a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

NAVAN Technologies, Inc. is an enabling technology company commercializing a novel non-viral delivery platform to radically accelerate genetic engineering of human primary cells. The patented NanoStraw technology provides direct intracellular access into hard-to-transfect primary human cells for efficacious delivery of any cargo. By using a physical, non-perturbative mechanism for delivery, the challenges of viral-based cell manufacturing (time, cost and technical difficulties) are eliminated, resulting in fewer, faster operational steps.


Our Vision


Universal Intracellular Access Enables the Broad Promise of Next Generation Cell-Gene Therapies.

World-class Leadership and Advisors


NAVAN has an experienced team, across multiple sites and countries, working with some of the world’s most highly-regarded companies and institutions. Executing our vision every day, starting with the invention of the NanoStraw itself in a Stanford Physics laboratory to employing them to advance new life-saving, anti-cancer drugs towards the market, underscores our view that oftentimes the most innovative and disruptive technology comes from the strength of an interdisciplinary approach.


NAVAN is establishing commercial partnerships  and other relationships with some of the most forward-thinking companies, scientists and leaders across diverse and complementary disciplines, from materials science and physics to cell biology and industrial-scale engineering processes.